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The AMERICAN DEGREE TRANSFER PROGRAM and how that's your best option:

Also known as the 2+2 program, where you study in Malaysia for 2 years then you transfer to U.S for the remaining 2.

*NOTE*- No SAT scores are required.

This Program is only available for Under Graduation (Bachelors), for courses like Engineering, BBA, Bach of Natural science, BSc, BA

Counseling Sessions

       Confused about your future? Too many courses to decide from? Don't want to get stuck with something you're not passionate about? If all this sounds familiar to you, you have come to the right place at the right time.
       We, at Study Malaysia, understand how overwhelming and daunting the whole process of applications and visas is especially when you are confused about the path that you want to choose for yourself, that is why we offer Free counseling sessions to our prospective students and try as hard as we can to answer all your questions and help you take the right steps to a life of prosperity and success.

Student Visa Processing
Arrival In Malaysia
Climate & Clothing
Religion and Festivals
Electricity & Water
Getting around Kuala Lumpur
Why is Globalization and International
education so important?
When we talk about Higher Education in India, most students tend to bring out their patriotic sides and decide against it. Let me tell you something, change will always begin at home, and to bring that change we all need to gain a little perspective and be a little more open minded. Here’s why International Education is such an important part of shaping your future.
Job Hunting made easy!
Interview Guidelines
The Importance of body lanuage
The Stress Interview
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